Peer-qualified pros

As with academic education, the most important factor to consider is the instructor’s background and teaching skills. Finding a good instructor can be a time consuming process of trial and error, but we make it straightforward and simple. Founded and operated by yoga professionals, Yoga Hub evaluates the area’s top instructors, and trains qualified YogaPros on how to create an incredible experience for every student. We guarantee that our YogaPros are timely, communicative, and reliable, leaving you no worries- just good vibes.

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Did you know?

Any person can become a registered teacher or school, simply by paying a fee and attending or hosting a course as short as two weeks in duration. Schools and teachers have minimal standards to uphold, hence the most well-recognized certification holds no weight amongst industry professionals. That is why we take time to vet and train our teachers, making sure they are able to create a safe enjoyable practice for all students.

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creating knowledge

Yoga has a history of over 3,000 years, throughout which countless influencers and texts have created a wealth of knowledge to learn from. With the internet, access to information is easy, but validation and practical applications require collaboration and critical inquiry. We require YogaPros to take each others’ classes to give and receive feedback, enabling them to critique and leverage each other’s knowledge on a regular basis.