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Some of us thrive with opportunities to channel an abundance of energy in a directed way. We are the yogis who love to level-up asana practice with uncommon poses, arm balances, and inversions. We are the ones who enjoy advanced posture sequences as a means of exploring the body’s capacity for strength and the mind’s ability to stay focused and calm no matter what.

Join Yoga Hub Founder, Ali Singer, for a complete Full Moon practice that calls upon your Full power and focus to infuse positive vibes into all areas of your life. This special practice is broken down into manageable bites that will surely satisfy your yoga-hunger:

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  • Begin with guided pranayama and meditation to pinpoint your intention and integrate your body and mind

  • Warm up your body with Moon Salutations, a dynamic sequence of movements to salute the night, stretch your wings, and prepare for more advanced asana

  • Flow through a powerful sequence, complete with arm balances, binds, and inversions; yogis are of course welcome to modify when necessary

  • Having thoroughly prepared the body for relaxation, conclude the asana sequence with yin: seated and reclined poses that require minimal effort, and maximize the force of gravity to open the hips and slow down the mind.

  • Complete the entire practice with guided pranayama and meditation to seal your practice and truly embody the light that you are.

Is this class right for me? Here's a guide; you decide!:

  • My balance is on fleek (most of the time:)

  • I have headstand finesse

  • I enjoy a physically challenging practice

  • I know when and how, and feel comfortable to modify poses 

The full moon is a time for harnessing your true potential. Join us, and experience your Self.

Thursday, March 1st

The Westin Copley Place


Cost $20

Bring your mat or rent one for $5

Space is limited - reserve your spot!

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