Residential Yoga


Through offering yoga for your residents, you can promote your brand’s emphasis on health, fitness, and balanced living, support the happiness and wellbeing of every resident, and increase your property’s competitive advantage. With YogaHub, we help you build your own yoga program so you can have the luxury of a yoga studio onsite. We send a YogaPro to your property to teach classes, and serve your community with all the best vibes.

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Our YogaPros are friendly, service-oriented, and skilled in leading students of all abilities, especially beginners.
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  • Improved resident satisfaction and retention

  • Increased resident referrals

  • Expanded brand awareness

  • Enhanced sense of community

  • Varied health and wellness offerings

  • Added competitive advantage

  • Utilize outdoor space


Program Options

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  • Custom package series

  • Ongoing with contract: weekly classes

  • One time event


Outdoor Classes

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Maximize the use of your outdoor spaces, and during fair weather seasons, hold yoga classes on your rooftop, garden, or lawn!


Class Types

Our class types enable you to offer yoga that works with the space and time you have available. Pick a class type that best meets your needs.

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Mat Practice

A traditional all-levels class; students set up on yoga mats, and the instructor leads them through techniques of posture, breath, and meditation.

  • The space requirement is about 21 sq. ft. of open space per student.
  • Classes require 10 additional minutes before and after for set up and clean up.
  • Choose a level ranging from gentle to fitness, or classical, a blend of the two.
  • Full practice: 45-60 minutes (extended sessions available upon request)
  • Express Sesh: 30-45 minutes

We provide mat rentals upon request.



Add some fitness, fun, and good vibes to your events with a memorable yoga class that all can enjoy!

  • Wellness event

  • Grand opening

  • Outdoor summer series


Program Management


Upon the start of your program, we provide Yoga Hub’s Partner Guide, a resource to help you maximize awareness and streamline class setup. For classes that are open to the public, we will take online signups, manage payments, and promote on our social media and website.

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Yoga Pros

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Founded and operated by yoga professionals, Yoga Hub vets and qualifies the area’s top yoga teachers and trains them as YogaPros to teach at our clients’ locations. We know that the teacher makes the class; our team is prepared to create an incredible experience for every student. We guarantee that our YogaPros are timely, communicative, and reliable, leaving you no worries- just good vibes.


Any person can become a registered teacher or school, simply by paying a fee and attending or hosting a course as short as two weeks in duration. Schools and teachers have minimal standards to uphold, hence the most well-recognized certification holds no weight amongst industry professionals. That is why we take time to vet and train our teachers, making sure they are able to create a safe enjoyable practice for all students.