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We are the go-to resource for finding local yoga classes and events, awesome workshops and teachers, advancing your practice.

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Yoga with us in various locations around Boston and beyond! We host low-budget and free classes, as well as unique and yogi-specific workshops tailored to your level.


Yoga Hub Events


Just like chocolate, yoga pairs well with anything. Join us for:

  • Holidays

  • Fundraisers

  • Celebrations

  • Themed events


Invite Yoga Hub to come to you! Host a group class, private, or semi-private lesson in your own community or residence.


Yoga Pros


Founded and operated by yoga professionals, Yoga Hub vets and qualifies the area’s top yoga teachers and trains them as YogaPros to teach at our clients’ locations. We know that the teacher makes the class; our team is prepared to create an incredible experience for every student. We guarantee that our YogaPros are timely, communicative, and reliable, leaving you no worries- just good vibes.


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