Host Yoga

Bring your tribe together with fitness and fun, or peace and relaxation. Partner with Yoga Hub to host a class series or an event!



Whether you are, a business, community organization, or individual, we’re here to help you turn up the good vibes. We partner with:

  • Community organizations

  • Businesses

  • Family & friend groups

  • Individuals

  • Public entities

  • And more!

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Event Ideas


Yoga is for everyone. Partner with Yoga Hub to create enjoyable and memorable experiences for all. Possibilities include:

  • Brand promotion series

  • Family reunion

  • Fundraising

  • Community health & wellness series

  • Bridal party

  • Group bonding

  • Bachelorette weekend

  • Team activity

  • Bro-Yoga

  • Couples weekend

Host a one-time event or have a series of classes, scheduled at your convenience.

We’ll send a YogaPro out to your spot, or help you find a space!

Mat rentals are available.

Event Types


Private Group Class (3 or more students)

Bring your squad together around yoga. Choose the time and place, and we’ll bring the yoga experience.

  • If you don’t have a location, we’ll help you find one.

  • Pick a level ranging from gentle to fitness, or classical, a blend of the two.


Public Group Class

Host community yoga to help boost fundraiser attendance, increase brand awareness and loyalty, or provide community activities that improve health and wellness. Hold a one-time event or series of yoga classes to achieve your goal.

Upon the start of your program, we provide Yoga Hub’s Partner Guide, a resource to help you maximize awareness and streamline class setup.

If you need, we will take online signups, manage payments, and promote on our social media and website.


Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Delve deep into the practice and ensure safety through close attention and proper alignment. One-on-one, you can have all your questions answered and progress through a directed program to accomplish your goals.

  • Our YogaPros specialize in identifying and accommodating individual student needs, and providing a customized lesson according to the student’s level and ability:

    • Beginners learn the fundamentals and develop confidence to attend any group class.

    • Advanced students receive coaching to develop their own personal practice

Class duration is 45-60 minutes, and extended sessions are available upon request.


Yoga Hub has worked with many businesses and organizations in the past to make their events or yoga series a success!

  • Girl scouts

  • Bridal parties

  • Patagonia

  • Asics

  • Lululemon

  • Boston Public Health Commission

  • Boston Marathon Fundraisers


Yoga Pros

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Founded and operated by yoga professionals, Yoga Hub vets and qualifies the area’s top yoga teachers and trains them as YogaPros to teach at our clients’ locations. We know that the teacher makes the class; our team is prepared to create an incredible experience for every student. We guarantee that our YogaPros are timely, communicative, and reliable, leaving you no worries- just good vibes.