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Our mission

Bring communities yoga,to support the health and happiness of every human being.

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Corporate Yoga

On-site yoga classes for hotels, offices and residential complexes

Programs & Events

Our public classes and events welcome all ages, levels of ability and experience. Programs include yoga for beginners, advanced courses, yoga teacher education, and private and public events.


Why Yoga


Yoga empowers individuals with an active role in their own physical, mental, and emotional health. Studies show that the practice of yoga has an overwhelmingly positive impact on the leading cause of disease: stress. The benefits of yoga area accessible for every body type and fitness level.



Founded and operated by yoga professionals, Yoga Hub vets and qualifies the area’s top yoga teachers and trains them as YogaPros to teach at our clients’ locations. We know that the teacher makes the class; our team is prepared to create an incredible experience for every student.

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teacher education

Yoga Hub provides ongoing education and professional development for yoga teachers. Along with workshops and events for everyone, members of our YogaPro network participate in a peer-feedback program to refine their teaching skills and methodology. We aim to create a platform for teachers to engage with each other and regularly experience the insight that comes from being connected with a like-minded community, as in teacher training.